Classes & Lectures

• The Power of Plants as Medicines 2-3 hours
This is an introduction to Western Herbalism as a science and an art. Experience the aromas of sacred herbs, taste the medicinal extracts and learn the healing properties of selected herbal favorites.

• Key to a Healthy Metabolism 2-3 hours
The liver is the centerpiece of metabolism. Like the most valued player, it seems to do a little bit of everything and do it well. This class offers insight into herbal & nutritional approaches to detoxification, radiation exposure, and excess vs. deficient body types.

• Herbs for a Healthy Immune system 2-4 hours
Autoimmune diseases, allergies, candida and arthritis are results of a deficient immune system. Discover 4 of the most powerful and effective herbs by means of their immune stimulating and strengthening properties.

• Women’s Wellness with Herbs 3-15 hours
Learn self-care techniques using the Wise Woman herbal and nutritional approaches to PMS, endometriosis and yeast problems.

• Menopause- a Smooth Transition 2-3 hours
Herbal & nutritional support turn this transitional time from a symptomatic affliction to a welcome awakening of maturity with unlimited possibilities for self-development. Included is a simple yet delicious recipe for Crone Candy.

• Herbal Remedies for Childhood Illnesses 2-3 hours
Discover the art of self-care for common ailments from sore throats & measles to fever and colic. Simple and effective therapies will be offered in herbs & nutrition. A list will be included of herbs considered safe for children, with an easy formula on how to calculate dosages. In the three-hour class, information will also be given on vaccines and immune malfunctions.

• “Spring flowers and autumn roots” slide show 3 hours
Medicinal plants of the mountains and southwest deserts, over 100 plants in and out of bloom.

• Herbal Preparations- kitchen pharmacy 3–9 hours
Hands on instructions in infusion preparations, tinctures and extracts. Time permitting will include salve, syrup and medicinal oils preparations.

• Herbal first Aid 2-3 hours
How to put together a home medicine cabinet and a backpacker’s emergency first aid pack using mostly local plants.

• Materia Medica: The power of Plants as Medicines 30-90 hour course
This course is a must for beginning and intermediate students. Classes include detailed information on 23 different popular plants, their history, physical characteristics (taught through slides, samples and preparations), constituents, physiological actions on the body, flower essence and doses for the prevention of disease. Participants receive hands-on instruction in herbal preparations. Also discussed are applied therapeutics, botanical toxicology and classification of herbs by their active principles and case studies.

• Herb Walks 2-3 hours each
Oak Creek Canyon/Cave Springs (walk can be 2 to 6 hours)
Dry Creek Road
Cathedral Rock pathway (back o’ beyond)
Lower Red Rock Loop Road (and desert for chaparral)

Contact Feather Jones for current class schedule