Herbal Apprenticeship Program Field Trip #2


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Herbal Apprenticeship Program Field Trip #2
Desert Botanical Outing in the Chiricahua Mountains with Clinical Herbalist Feather Jones – April 29th-May 1st 2018

This two overnight camping field trip will explore the flora of the eastern Chiricahuas in Cave Creek Canyon, outside Portal & the surrounding desert, a unique sky island range in southeastern Arizona. A birder’s paradise, this magical canyon and volcanic cliffs are filled with little caves where the bats reside that pollinate the desert blooms. Our woodland campground is inhabited by gamble oaks, alligator junipers and white-boned sycamores. Several plant zone communities converge here. Focus will be on plant identification, herbal therapeutics, some pharmacognosy, ethnobotany and plant stories.

This a la carte field trip #3 is $200, preregistration required. A packet of pertinent information will be sent upon tuition payment.


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