Sedona Tea Blends

A special blend of delicious tasting organic herbs infused with the essences of flowers and the sacred vortex sites of Sedona.

‘A Vortex Journey in Every Cup’

Sedona Tea Blends offers six unique specialty formulated organic herbal teas designed by Clinical Herbalist Feather Jones. Each blend supports physical health benefits as well as enhances spirited and emotional healing powers of a sacred site. Corresponding flower essences are added to create a synergistic experience.

Bell Rock Vortex Blend enhances mental and emotional clarity, activating the throat, brow and crown chakras, rejuvenating and expanding the present where one can see overlays of consciousness.

The indigenous people recognized this area as a place of Spirit associated with a heightened state of awareness and a place of physical healing. The Katsina (Kachina) is of hope and Spirit bringing greater strength.

Star Nation connection is of Pleaidian influence. The supporting Chaparral flower essence helps to release what is unexpressed or held in at a cellular level, promoting a sense of emerging from darkness to bright energy.

Bell Rock Vortex Blend contains all organic herbs: spearmint, rooibos, hibiscus flowers, gotu kola, ginkgo, orange and lemon peel, with chaparral flower essence and Bell Rock vortex essence.

Airport Vortex Blend energizes the central nervous system and corresponds to the root, sex and navel chakras, recharging the physical body and enhancing psychic abilities.

This blend can sharpen the intellect giving new ideas and concepts as well as activating intuition. The Katsina (Kachina) energy here is of flight and imagination. Fairy Duster flower essence helps to stabilize the flow of energies from the nervous system, enabling one to handle greater intensities without disruption and while feeling grounded and aligned.

The Airport Vortex Blend contains all organic herbs: schisandra berry, gotu kola, lemon peel, eleuthro ginseng root, rosemary, with fairy duster and Airport Vortex essences.

Bear Wallow Vortex Blend is also called “CowPies” and carries gentle energy, this area of Sedona is a doorway to future earth and promotes spiritual healing, cleansing and purification. It helps one to release old negative patterns and blockages.

The Katsina (Kachina) is of strength and feeling value of physical reality. Activation of the solar plexus chakra can be experienced. Agave flower essence helps to trust ones inner strength and sense of knowing, allowing it to manifest in daily life.

Bear Wallow Vortex Blend contains all organic herbs: red clover blossoms, alfalfa, spearmint, raspberry, nettles and cedar tips, with agave and Bear Wallow vortex essences.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Blend provokes a quality of inner peace, healing the mind, body and soul.

Resonating at the throat chakra, angelic type energies are often experienced. Calming, soothing, relaxing and rejuvenating, this vortex provides stress reduction and reminds one of their connections to nature.

Cathedral promotes powerful meditations and spiritual insights, reawakening ancient coded patterns of creation. The Katsina (Kachina) is of wisdom and the corresponding chakras are navel/spleenic and crown.

This vortex is aligned to the Arcturian star system. Ocotillo flower essence helps one to respond rather than react while feeling protected and guided. Soothing, calming and grounding, it allows one to be response-able.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Blend contains all organic herbs:  licorice root, cinnamon bark, milk thistle seed, passion flower, ginger root, astragalus root, clove, oatstraw, with ocotillo and Cathedral Rock Vortex essences.

Boynton Canyon Vortex Blend gives healing and balancing strength, sacred to the Yavapai and home of the Creator, Spider Grandmother.

This canyon is considered by many as the shamanic ‘crack’ between the worlds. This largest vortex of Sedona activates a strengthening of one’s spirit bond with the earth, and renewing ones sense of purpose and direction in life.

The heart chakra is empowered and the Katsina (Katchina) is of protection and rain as an emotion. This vortex is aligned to the Sirian star system. Mesquite flower essence helps one gain access crossing the dark places in the soul to find spiritual richness within the self, self blessings arise with deeper connections with animals and all of nature.

Boynton Canyon Vortex Blend contains all organic herbs: hawthorne berry, oatstraw, rose hips, passion flower, hibiscus and motherwort, with mesquite and Boynton Canyon vortex essences.

West Fork Blend, although not a specific vortex, is an incredibly inspiring and uplifting canyon with towering red rock walls, a running stream, lush riparian forest with undercuts and overhangs, a place of vision quests and magic where the fairie folk are easily accessible.

Infused within this blend is the primordial radiance of the Earth Goddess herself. Osha flower essence reminds us and gives us courage to be a spokesperson for the earth, deepening our connections to the wisdom of our ancestors.

The West Fork Blend contains all organic herbs: raspberry leaf, lemon balm, dried blueberries, rose hips, licorice and nettles, with osha and West Fork essences.

What is a Vortex?

A vortex is where earth’s electromagnetic energy is strong, an intersection where polarities meet, creating a nexus or cone of energy.

Vortexes are places where one can get calibrated and rebalanced like in a dream state, thus allowing recognition of unseen guidance and cultivation of ones intuitive nature.

Vortexes work with your endocrine and chakra system encoding DNA structures with healing patterns, giving one the ability to circulate energy and process things more quickly.
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