From 2 hour hikes to half day journeys, Feather will match the group’s or individual’s skill level. Most vortex hikes are from 3-4 hours to allow pick up and drop off. Spring water, organic snacks and backpacks are provided.




Spiral Walk

  • connect with the vortex energies and hike to the heart of the landscape
  • customize your hiking adventure and enjoy incredible views
  • go to an ‘off the trail’ ancient ruins to experience the energy of the ancestors and what it was like 1000 years ago in the canyons
  • climb up to a natural arch and even safely walk out on the top to enjoy the views
  • from straight up narrow slot hikes to easy to walk hikes, Feather can tailor your request


04-13-13-sedona cathedral from creek12 Hour Hiking Tour or Herb Walk for 
2+ people $75.00 per person 

An easy hike through the upper desert or Oak Creek Canyon learning our native wild plants as foods and medicines.

3 Hour Sedona Vortex Hiking Tour
$100.00 per person
This hike journeys to one of the vortexes where a guided meditation is offered to realign one to their inner knowing and expanded awareness.


fbHalf Day (4 hours) Sedona Vortex Hiking Tour or Canyon Hike $130 per person. 

From the towering red rock formations to the crystal clear waters of Oak Creek Canyon, we will customize your hiking tour. You decide if you want an easy, moderate or more aerobic hike. Earth Ceremony, self healing and empowerment tools can be offered.

Private (single-one person) hikes
2 hours – $130
3 hours – $160
half day – $190

For more information about the above herb walks and hiking tours contact Feather

2013-06-03 08.46.55The human body is an incredible gift. It has the power to heal itself when given the right encouragement. A nutrient rich diet, medicinal and tonic herbs, exercise and healthy life style choices all lead to optimal health and clear thinking.

For wellness is more than the absence of disease, it’s a vitality of the spirit. Re-learn about the depth of your connection to the earth and her healing botanicals.

Feather weaves a rich tapestry of botanical information, blending scientific knowledge and clinical experience with an earth centered approach.

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